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 MPMetrophones Headphone - Metronome System    kr 1560,00  Bestill 

 MPDDigital LCD Metrophones Headphone - Metronome System   kr 1985,00  Bestill 



1.        Two seperate speaker systems (Metronome & Reference)

2.        Reference sound from any audio source (line-in). 9' Removable stereo    

           cable (3.5mm X 1/4" not shown but supplied)

3.        Speaker Frequency Response 15-25000 Hz

4.        Send Click Out (line-out)

5.        Liquid filled cushions for 29db Isolation

6.        Adjustable headband

7.        Built-in metronome system with On/Off switch and Volume control

8.        Click line out via 2.5mm jack**

9.        Tempo range 40-260 beats/minute

10.      9 volt battery included

11.      Digital Read-out (on Metrophone LCD only)


 GFCReplacement Gel Filled Cushion, 2 stk.   kr 228,00  Bestill 

Our NEW Gel filled cushions are an available accessory and those past users that have the old liquid cushions can upgrade to the New Gel Filled Cushions.

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