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 5B AHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 2BAHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 5AB HYBRID CONSERTAHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

JiJim Keltner

Jim Keltner has gained the respect and admiration of his peers, the critics and his numerous fans with solid, unpretentious playing. He has played with some of the biggest names in rock history including George Harrison, Carly Simon, Joe Cocker, Ry Cooder and JJ Cole.

"When I play hard, the shock to my knuckles can be painful and distracting. AHEAD sticks and their Vibration Reduction System have fixed that problem for me"ed the respect and admiration of his peers, the critics and his numerous fans with solid, unpretentiong. He has pla

 ROCKAHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 XL ROCK CONSERTAHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 Matt Spug McDonoughAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 280,00  Bestill 

 Lars UlrichAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 300,00  Bestill 

 Phil Rudd AHEAD signatursikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 Rick AllenAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 

 Tommy Lee Consert AHEAD signaturstikker   kr 269,00  Bestill 

 Tommy Lee - studioAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 269,00  Bestill 

 Tico TorresAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 



 Travis SmithAHEAD signaturstikker   kr 280,00  Bestill 

Three reasons Travis Smith says he uses AHEAD products:

  • Durability, long lasting sticks that don't "burn out" after only a few songs.
  • Shock Absorbing, playing 250 plus shows a year can be a bitch on a drummers wrists night after night. With AHEAD sticks my wrists rarely get achy.
  • Rebound, the rebound I get from AHEAD sticks is amazing and what's really important is I don't spend too much time thinking about my hands, which gives me more time to think about my feet!

Ahead Gloves combined with Ahead stick grip give me comfort knowing my hands wont get completely shredded up and that I will have less of a chance to drop a stick. They give me the reliability and durability I expect.

 JJ1 Speed MetalAHEAD trommestikker   kr 290,00  Bestill 
Samme vekt og måt som Joey Jordison stikkene.
 SW5AAHEAD SWITCH STIX - 5A ( mallet + tipp )   kr 360,00  Bestill 

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